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Monday, 29 November 2010

Cat ona hot tin roof

Styling Theme Meow

Meow Theme Night :)
2nd Place

Winner :☆ AngelRaella Sherman☆
2nd:☆Felyne Aura ☆
3rd:☆ladysunfire Erin  ☆
Another great fun styling event :)
Have to say it was such a giggle with Lady and Angel.

Some pics I took

I really love taking pics and all the rigmarole that goes with it.  I hope you enjoy my collection.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Styling theme tonight: Pony Tail

The styling theme tonight is Pony Tail Hair, I am looking forward to everyone's work this evening.  I myself have spent two days creating my poses and my look so I hope it does good.
I included rain in this outfit,
I did try to photograph it but it was difficult.
I am mid show and everyone looks amazing!
My rain went down like a storm (pardon the pun)
I got 2nd place and here's pic of tonights winners :D
You can just make out the rain in this pic.
1st place ☆Cece Bovarro ☆
2nd place ☆Felyne Aura ☆
3rd place☆ Galadriel Fairywren☆ 
So happy My classmates and I won this evening.
Great job guys!!! Love you!

I passed my finals

I passed my finals this week and am now a fully fledged CWS Elite Model Yippeee!
We have all been really busy preparing and practicing this week that the whole week has flown by.
My next step is to pass my next exams to become CWS model fully, elite level is like an interim level.
We graduate on Saturday (tomorrow) I will post some of our grad pics then xxx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Mid Terms =o

Well that was a week and a half!!!! I am exhausted beyond reason lol!
The girls and I have been practicing so hard this week as it was mid term week.  This week decides who gets to go through to finals.  The week was intense and I have adjusted and re-adjusted so many ao's and poses and outfits...
The teachers have all been absolute gems as well as SD who has been there encouraging us all to get through it as well as guiding us carefully though each stage.
Every day has been lessons and rehearsals, sometimes 2-3 in the same day as well as practice on top of it.  My whole week has been devoted to passing my mid terms and the pressure has been incredible.
I have been so lucky to make myself some amazing new friends and I am attending a wedding on the 4th Dec too and so excited about that (more later).
Last night I finally got to bed at 6am lol after a 4 hour marathon practice session lol to say I exhausted would be an understatement!
If your interested in learning modelling then this course is definitely the way forward in SL for you and I would recommend it if you have the time and commitment.  Do not be under the illusion it is easy because it really isn't.
Is it worth it? Personally a resounding YES!!! I loved every moment and have had an incredible experience.
Here's some pics for you:-
Brownskin Philly, Cece Bovarro,  Felyne Aura, Galadriel Fairywern, PinkTikiCat Luv, Pirkka Emerald and bluesky Adder.  We are all nervously awaiting the results of Anrol Anthony's decision about who will go through to finals...

My friends :)
ain't we all cute huh :)

Friday, 19 November 2010

I won 3rd place yay!!

I am thrilled to bits to win 3rd place tonight for the Beauty and the beast theme!!  My friend Cece won second place and the delightful Ms Diana Balhaus in her rose outfit won 1st.
We all had a really good time and enjoyed ourselves very much.  It is so nice to see people having fun and I am making some great friends in the process :)

Winner:☆Diana Balhaus☆
2nd Place Winner
☆ Cece Bovarro☆
3rd place Winner
☆Felyne Aura ☆

I was dressed as the beast tonight and I am not telling you what those  norty girls wee saying to me LOL!!
 Cece in her fab Belle costume but look closely :)
 Loved this outfit, took me 4 hours to make the ao and it decided to crap out on me in the event lol
ahhh well these things happen :)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

This weekend was devoted to raising sponsorship money for Celina Langer.  The event are in memory of Celina who died a year ago through sad and traumatic circumstances.
It all kicked off with 
             Celina Langer Memorial Scholarship
                    SAT NOV 13 @3PM SLT
                   FASHION SHOW/AUCTION
The outfits were wonderful and the charity money will pay for someone to be able to enrol at the CWS school. Here are a few of the auctioned designs on auction.

Next they held the Celina Langer Marathon Walk
This month has been dedicated Celina Langer month as it has been a year since her tragic passing; and in her honour we are having some fun filled events to raise money for the Scholarship program set up in Celina's name. This scholarship assures that each month, some very deserving students get to attend the university on scholarship and their tuition is Free!
Most of my pics didn't come out properly but here is the horse and carriage (so sweet)
We all had a lot of the fun at the walk (or run in my case as my avi was stuck in run mode lol)
I am sure Celina would of been laughing her socks off and enjoying the whole event as we had such a crazy laugh. 
Amazingly we generated a  TOTAL OF $73,305+L  enough for at least 10 students to attend the university for free! 

Anrol Anthony's speech.
Thank you so much for your support and sponsorship during our Celina Langer Weekend! Steve and I appreciate all your hard work and your dedication. The weekend was a huge success and we owe it all to you! This was meant to be a tribute to Celina's anniversary of her passing, and I am thankful and truly touched by the generosity of our fellow Second Lifers.
Photography Homework:-

Shot 1

Shot 2

Monday, 15 November 2010

1st Place for Fish Net Competition wootness!

It has been been another gruelling day of work, work and more work making ao's up, practising more walking and even more walking... the formations are slowly dropping into place but the late hours are crazy!! I live in Uk so the slt 5pms are a killer!!! but worth it all the same!
Two classes and a loaded ao later I managed to strut myself on the catwalk well enough to win 1st place in the Fish Net Competition.  Here is my pic, leave a comment and let me know what you think!!
YES! those are fish swimming around me! My little sea critters of friendlyness :D  This costume was a whole load of fun to put together and I have included many creators in the mix up (incredible when you see just how llittle I am wearing).  Hope you enjoy.

Good evening ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Felyne and I am from the UK, I am happy to welcome you to tonight's theme which is "Fishnet".
My outfit is named "Sea Witch Fe"
Tonight Felyne's body was dragged up in a local Fishermans net, she rolled along the floor like Cleopatra did when Mark Anthony rolled her out of the carpet.
The fishermen gathered around as Felyne sat up and started to sing and dance... the ship and the men were never seen again...
Felyne's siren song stole the men's souls and they will remain with her forever in her watery domain.
I have included many creators in my outfit as they deserve for their wonderful creations to be put on show.  I hope you enjoy.
Skin Bloodlines female Dead light
Shape (My own project)
AtomicBambi Tattoo - Sabrina Lip - Emo
Sea Feather and fish by  Linden Department of Public Works
Under the Sea Choker and Earrings ~*Dryad Designs*~
Bra with shells and kelp (fishing net)
Once in India' upper arm bracelet by  PRIMALOT
Texture Nails - Gold  by Baby Monkey™
Shell top * MERMAID REEF *
PIN UP XtremeHeel II "Gold" N-core

May I take this time to thank Steve the Judges and the audience for taking the time to be here today and support everyone.  Good luck everyone!!!

Winner of Today's/Tonight's Styling in Fishnet is........
1st:☆Felyne Aura☆

2nd:☆Galadriel Fairywren ☆

3rd: Tie Our 3rd place Winner
 ☆Cece Bovaro and ladysunfire Erin☆

It was so amazing that my other two classmates CeCE and Galadriel also won, we took 1st, second and joint 3rd place.  All of the girls have worked so hard in class with their walking and ao's, we all had a lot of fun making our costumes up too.   

.:S:. Stance Poses & Props

Owner:  Catriona Dagger

Pose packs are generally around $300-$400L.
Props are generally around $200- $400L
.:S:. Stance Model Pose Pack 5 (UPDATED)
 Pose No 41,42 and 43
Pose No 44,45 and 46

Lovely poses for piccy taking ladies :) grab them while they are hot :D

Good day to you!

Today I have two classes! One will go over things like poses, the different stages and formations that are used, some editing discussions and of course styling.
The second class is all about Styling in fact it's a competition... I have made up my outfit and the theme is Fishnet.  If you would like to come see one of the styling shows click
CWS it starts at 2.00pm SLT today (who knows you may just catch the modelling bug).
=Monday November 15
Time: 8:00 am/slt by DebbieDoo Tigerfish
Time: 2:00 pm/slt by Lisana Rosse

I love fashion BUT it is not enough for me to just pop a folder open and wear the contents and feel I have attained a "look".
I always want to feel different and look different so I always combine outfits so that what ever I wear is unique to my style and look.

Style card:-

Shape (my own).
:: Exodi :: Eyelashes
::Umedama Holic::Gemstone eyes (no longer available).
Analog Dog hello blonde
::DS:: Dew Lips 3 Dulce Secrets
*VioMagic* Silver Star Outfit
PRIMALOT 'Tahitian Princess' Set drop

Saturday, 13 November 2010

My Viomagic Outfits

Black Leather Outfit(includes amazing boots)) 189L
*VioMagic* La Serenissima Outfit 189L (includes shoes)
*VioMagic* Polka Dots Outfit 189L (Boots are from Leather outfit at the top)

 The Delicacy Outfit

*VioMagic* Silver Star Outfit
 Boot from *VioMagic* Black Leather Outfit above

Shoes included in Polka Dots Outfit

Friday, 12 November 2010

The 1st  Anniversary of Celina's death, Nov 9th.  CWS made November, Celina Langer month in her memory.  Having several events to raise funds for the Celina Langer scholarship fund.   A memorial service was held at the Church at CWS on Nov 11th @ 3pm.
I never had the opportunity to know this lady but she lives on in the CWS hearts and minds, her dream was to help people who wanted to be models but who could not afford fee's to attain a scholarship.

 To raise funds for Celina's Scholarship fund CWS will be having two big fundraisers.
Saturday November 13th at 3pm in the form of , an Auction and a fashion show showing all the Red outfits the designers have donated to be auctioned off.  Red was Celina's favorite color. 

After the marathon  a huge parade all through CWS.  All the crown winners and models will be on the floats. 

MY two friends in Skating Contest! woot

1st-Pirkka Emerald
2nd-SD Damiano
3rd-ladysunfire Erin
Judged byMs Nina Brianna
I was lucky enough to be able to catch my good friend SD Damiano and my new classmate and friend Pirkka in their Skate contest yesterday... I have to say it was just as exciting watching as it was taking part.
I was thrilled that both my friends got placed as I know how hard they both worked at their outfits and poses.
Well done you two sweeties xxxxx