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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Mid Terms =o

Well that was a week and a half!!!! I am exhausted beyond reason lol!
The girls and I have been practicing so hard this week as it was mid term week.  This week decides who gets to go through to finals.  The week was intense and I have adjusted and re-adjusted so many ao's and poses and outfits...
The teachers have all been absolute gems as well as SD who has been there encouraging us all to get through it as well as guiding us carefully though each stage.
Every day has been lessons and rehearsals, sometimes 2-3 in the same day as well as practice on top of it.  My whole week has been devoted to passing my mid terms and the pressure has been incredible.
I have been so lucky to make myself some amazing new friends and I am attending a wedding on the 4th Dec too and so excited about that (more later).
Last night I finally got to bed at 6am lol after a 4 hour marathon practice session lol to say I exhausted would be an understatement!
If your interested in learning modelling then this course is definitely the way forward in SL for you and I would recommend it if you have the time and commitment.  Do not be under the illusion it is easy because it really isn't.
Is it worth it? Personally a resounding YES!!! I loved every moment and have had an incredible experience.
Here's some pics for you:-
Brownskin Philly, Cece Bovarro,  Felyne Aura, Galadriel Fairywern, PinkTikiCat Luv, Pirkka Emerald and bluesky Adder.  We are all nervously awaiting the results of Anrol Anthony's decision about who will go through to finals...

My friends :)
ain't we all cute huh :)

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