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Friday, 26 November 2010

Styling theme tonight: Pony Tail

The styling theme tonight is Pony Tail Hair, I am looking forward to everyone's work this evening.  I myself have spent two days creating my poses and my look so I hope it does good.
I included rain in this outfit,
I did try to photograph it but it was difficult.
I am mid show and everyone looks amazing!
My rain went down like a storm (pardon the pun)
I got 2nd place and here's pic of tonights winners :D
You can just make out the rain in this pic.
1st place ☆Cece Bovarro ☆
2nd place ☆Felyne Aura ☆
3rd place☆ Galadriel Fairywren☆ 
So happy My classmates and I won this evening.
Great job guys!!! Love you!

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