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Friday, 19 November 2010

I won 3rd place yay!!

I am thrilled to bits to win 3rd place tonight for the Beauty and the beast theme!!  My friend Cece won second place and the delightful Ms Diana Balhaus in her rose outfit won 1st.
We all had a really good time and enjoyed ourselves very much.  It is so nice to see people having fun and I am making some great friends in the process :)

Winner:☆Diana Balhaus☆
2nd Place Winner
☆ Cece Bovarro☆
3rd place Winner
☆Felyne Aura ☆

I was dressed as the beast tonight and I am not telling you what those  norty girls wee saying to me LOL!!
 Cece in her fab Belle costume but look closely :)
 Loved this outfit, took me 4 hours to make the ao and it decided to crap out on me in the event lol
ahhh well these things happen :)

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