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Monday, 15 November 2010

1st Place for Fish Net Competition wootness!

It has been been another gruelling day of work, work and more work making ao's up, practising more walking and even more walking... the formations are slowly dropping into place but the late hours are crazy!! I live in Uk so the slt 5pms are a killer!!! but worth it all the same!
Two classes and a loaded ao later I managed to strut myself on the catwalk well enough to win 1st place in the Fish Net Competition.  Here is my pic, leave a comment and let me know what you think!!
YES! those are fish swimming around me! My little sea critters of friendlyness :D  This costume was a whole load of fun to put together and I have included many creators in the mix up (incredible when you see just how llittle I am wearing).  Hope you enjoy.

Good evening ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Felyne and I am from the UK, I am happy to welcome you to tonight's theme which is "Fishnet".
My outfit is named "Sea Witch Fe"
Tonight Felyne's body was dragged up in a local Fishermans net, she rolled along the floor like Cleopatra did when Mark Anthony rolled her out of the carpet.
The fishermen gathered around as Felyne sat up and started to sing and dance... the ship and the men were never seen again...
Felyne's siren song stole the men's souls and they will remain with her forever in her watery domain.
I have included many creators in my outfit as they deserve for their wonderful creations to be put on show.  I hope you enjoy.
Skin Bloodlines female Dead light
Shape (My own project)
AtomicBambi Tattoo - Sabrina Lip - Emo
Sea Feather and fish by  Linden Department of Public Works
Under the Sea Choker and Earrings ~*Dryad Designs*~
Bra with shells and kelp (fishing net)
Once in India' upper arm bracelet by  PRIMALOT
Texture Nails - Gold  by Baby Monkey™
Shell top * MERMAID REEF *
PIN UP XtremeHeel II "Gold" N-core

May I take this time to thank Steve the Judges and the audience for taking the time to be here today and support everyone.  Good luck everyone!!!

Winner of Today's/Tonight's Styling in Fishnet is........
1st:☆Felyne Aura☆

2nd:☆Galadriel Fairywren ☆

3rd: Tie Our 3rd place Winner
 ☆Cece Bovaro and ladysunfire Erin☆

It was so amazing that my other two classmates CeCE and Galadriel also won, we took 1st, second and joint 3rd place.  All of the girls have worked so hard in class with their walking and ao's, we all had a lot of fun making our costumes up too.   

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